Work Site Lattice Insoles

Work Site Lattice Insoles


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WORK SITE Lattice Insoles

Work Site Lattice Insoles are a highly effective insole specifically designed for heavy duty and work footwear. 
Lattice Insoles are washable, extremely durable and encourages moisture circulation which keeps feet fresh and comfortable. They provide pleasant relief for ligaments and joints for a cushioned, comfortable walking experience when wearing work boots and other heavy footwear.

What Benefits Do Work Site Lattice Insoles Offer?

These cost-effective insoles provide many benefits. Made from Lattice, this material is breathable and extremely flexible. They are not only thin, but very discreet and easily transferable to other footwear. The 'waffle like' material acts as a distributor of shock so your heel does not take the full impact, which helps ligaments and joints relax.

- Perforated surface for a fresh/breathable feel
- Heavy Duty 
- Can withstand extreme pressure
- Joint and ligament relief
- Outdoor footwear (wellingtons, work boots etc)

Who Should Wear Work Site Lattice Insoles?

Work Site Insoles are designed to withstand extreme pressure, therefore making them brilliant for heavy duty footwear. The lattice insoles are breathable and helps circulate moisture which is an added bonus when in work boots, as we experience all too often 'sweaty' feet which causes odour! 

- Shoes which need to withstand a lot of pressure
- Long periods of use
- Work Site footwear
- Feet which perspire excessively
- Comfort seeker 
- Shock absorber

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