Woly Worker Insoles

Woly Worker Insoles


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Woly Worker Insoles

Woly Worker insoles are heavy duty, extra thick, felt insoles which are used to provide warmth and comfort for work shoes and other heavy duty footwear. Woly Worker Insoles are extremely robust and durable, and are brilliant for outdoor workers such as builders and gardeners due to their robust structure and warm materials.

What Benefits Do Woly Worker Insoles Offer?

Woly Worker Insoles will keep your feet warm and comfortable due to the felt composite and double layering. Your footwear will feel like new again, thanks to the soft texture and effective non slip sole. We all know how worn heavy duty boots can become due to the sometimes harsh environments and extreme use when doing labour work, this can result in a very uncomfortable tread and non-existent insole. Woly Worker insoles puts the comfort back into your boots and as well as being comfortable and warm, they are also long lasting and can withstand constant use.

- Feet will feel relaxed, comfortable and warm
- Inside of the footwear will feel like new!
- Prolongs the life of the shoe/boot due to the comfort and durability of the new insoles
- Extremely robust making the insoles long lasting and highly effective

Who Should Wear Woly Worker Insoles?

Woly Worker Insoles are the perfect insole to keep feet warm and comfortable, whilst withstanding extensive use and sometimes extreme conditions. Woly Worker insoles have been designed to withstand harsh environments with thanks to the durability and robust materials, meaning they are the perfect insole for work boots and other outdoor footwear.

- Shoes/Boots which undergo extreme conditions and extensive use
- Footwear with a worn sole
- Work boots, heavy duty footwear which withstand harsh environments
- Footwear which is in need of warmth and comfort, but can withstand pressure.

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