Woly Shoe Cream Polish 50ml

White Woly Shoe Cream Polish 50ml


Product Code: 71470002


Woly white shoe polish cream is suitable for all smooth leathers. If you're looking for white leather shoe polish, this is the item for you. As a leader in shoe care Woly have developed an extremely effective yet affordable white shot polish which will bring your white leather shoes back to the best. This white shoe cream polish will bring the original leather colour back to life by penetrating deep into the leather to condition, renovate and freshen; resulting in a lovely bright shine. Woly shoe creams are available in a variety of colours to suit all shades of footwear. Also knows as white shoe paint, this product is designed specifically to add colour back to your footwear but also to treat and nourish the leather to keep it soft and supple. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply the white shoe cream to the leather using a soft cloth and rub in. Allow to dry before buffing with a brush and finish off with a clean cloth to polish to a high shine.

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