Woly Textile Fresh Insoles

Woly Textile Fresh Insoles


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Woly Textile Fresh Insoles

Woly Textile Fresh insoles are a comfortable, high quality insole which offers odour absorption and cushioning for triple protection and comfort. These light, durable insoles are made up of three layers to target comfort, odour and slip resistancy.

Top Layer: Polyester fibres for comfort with unique Silver Ion technology which blocks the growth of bacteria which causes odour
Middle Layer: Carbon layer which is an active material for reliable moisture absorption
Bottom Layer: Slip Resistant coating for stability and security, keeping the insole firmly in place when in shoe.

They are great for everyday use and are available individually sized for the perfect fit.

What Benefits Do Woly Textile Fresh Insoles Offer?

These bacteria control insoles target the hygiene of the foot meaning fresh smelling feet and shoes for prolonged periods of time.

- Unique silver ion technology which has been integrated for hygienic freshness
- Thin, cushioned insoles great for work shoes and sports shoes
- Slip Resistant meaning insoles are secure when in place
- Active carbon layer in insole to target odour and increase comfort
- Adult sizes 3-12 available
- Great for long periods of wear as extremely durable

Who Should Wear Textile Fresh Insoles?

Woly Textile Fresh insoles are very diverse and are not targeted to a specific customer. Textile Fresh insoles main focus is blocking the bacteria growth within the insole, meaning no nasty smells from bacteria or fungus. Due to the insoles durability, these insoles can be worn everyday if necessary. If you suffer from any of the following, these insoles will be perfect for you:

- Wear a lot of sports shoes such as tennis shoes, running shoes, gym or football boots
- Heavily insulated shoes which encourages foot perspiration
- Work shoes which are used on a daily basis
- Shoes which need an added layer of comfort
- Somebody who is aware of foot odour and wants to combat the unpleasant smell

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