Woly Talon Heel Support

Woly Talon Heel Support


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Woly Talon Heel Support

Woly Talon Heel Support are a highly effective heel cushion wedge, used to absorb shock and increase comfort. Not only do they provide a great cushion, but they are also a great way of adjusting a poorly fitting shoe. 

What Benefits Do Woly Talon Heel Support Offer?

Woly Talon Heel Support are made from a high quality leather which is an excellent moisture absorber, meaning they are great for somebody who suffers with foot perspiration. The soft latex sole lifts the heels making for a great shock absorber and consequently relieving the joints and ligaments in the knees and legs of any strain. These Talon Heel Supports have a brilliant grip and once in place they are barely recognisable. Theyre easy to put into place, and easy to take out and transfer to another pair of shoes if necessary.

- High quality naturally tanned breathable leather
- Cushioned to absorb impact and shock
- Brilliant way of adjusting a poorly fitted shoe
- Joint and ligament relief
- Secure once in place

Who Should Wear Woly Talon Heel Support?

Woly Talon Heel Supports are extremely versatile. They are great for people who want a 'lift' in their shoes, or to simply absorb shock and make for a more comfortable fit. 


- Shoes which are poorly fitted
- Everyday shoes which are lacking comfort
- An individual who wants a slight 'lift' in particulary flat shoes
- Comfort seeker 
- Shock absorber


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