Woly Suede Dye Spray X 2

Taupe Woly Suede Dye Spray X 2


Product Code: INT1524115


Woly Suede Renovator is an application that puts the colour back into faded suede and nubuck leather and velour suede. Freshens colour and dries to form a protective waterproof membrane for all types of suede and nubuck. Neutral version works on the dye under the surface to refresh the top surface leather.. Spray applicator for easy application. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Clean the suede product, then apply evenly. Spray 15-20cm away from the leather. Sole and borders of different colours should be covered prior to application. Should not be used or allowed to dry indoors. Regular application will help maintain the colour and appearance of the suede. MATERIALS: Suitable for all types of suede and nubuck. Can also be used on footwear with a breathable membrane such as Gortex + Sympatex Now shipping with new nozzle for improved product distribution. Product video below.

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