Woly Suede & Nubuck Renovator 250ml

Woly Suede & Nubuck Renovator 250ml

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INT1524067 2x Ocean Woly Suede Renovator £12.29
INT1524006 Woly Suede Dye Spray Light Brown Twin Pack £13.99
INT1524008 Woly Suede Dye Spray Medium Brown Twin Pack £13.99
INT1524025 2x Grey Woly Suede Renovator £12.29
INT1524012 Woly Suede Dye Spray Dark Brown Twin Pack £13.99
INT1524027 2x Dark Grey Woly Suede Renovator £12.29
INT1524019 Woly Suede Dye Spray Neutral Twin Pack £13.99
71524033 WOLY SUEDE DK BROWN 250ml SPRAY £8.00
71524001 WOLY SUEDE NEUTRAL 250ml SPRAY £8.00
1524264 WOLY SUEDE MUSTARD SPRAY 250ml £8.00
71524032 WOLY SUEDE MED BROWN 250ml SPRAY £8.00
71524082 WOLY SUEDE DARK BLUE (OCEAN) 250ml SPRAY £8.00
71524031 WOLY SUEDE LIGHT BROWN SPRAY 250ml £8.00
71524009 WOLY SUEDE BLACK 250ml SPRAY £8.00


Woly Suede Velour Spray 250ml

Woly Suede Velour Spray is a pigmented colour restorer for all Suedes and Nubucks. Woly's unique formula allows for an incredibly smooth application, whilst making the leather soft, supple, and restoring the 'box fresh' feel.  

The benefits of using Woly Suede Velour Spray 

Below we have listed some great benefits of using Woly Suede Velour Gum:

- Incredibly effective
- Fantastic for worn suede or nubuck which needs recolouring
- Has the ability to recolour a shoe 
- Quick and Easy
- Highly pigmented - available in a variety of colours
- Longlasting
- Suitable for Gortex + Sympatex.

How to use Woly Suede Velour Spray

- Choose your desired Suede or Nubuck footwear or other accessory, which is in need of recolouring or has faded
- Spray your chosen colour of Woly Suede Velour Spray to a small inconspicuous area to test the colour
- Spray in a well ventilated room, and hold the can roughly 30cm from the footwear and spray in light bursts
- Once you have applied one layer, leave to dry
- Once dry, apply another light coat if necessary until you are happy with the coverage
- Finish with Woly 3x3 Protector Spray 


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