Woly Suede Care Set

Woly Suede Care Set


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Woly Suede Care Set 

Woly Suede Care set contains everything you need to care, clean and restore your suede goods, from shoes and bags to Jackets. 
This kit also comes in a waterproof travel bag. 
Kit contains: 
Woly Sponge 
Woly Universal Cleaner 
Woly Waterblocker 
Woly Suede Renovator 
Woly Suede brush 

Woly Suede Sponge

Woly Suede Sponge is so versitile once bought you cannot be without.  Its a little dirt magnet and will prolong the life of any fine silk, satin, suede or nubuck footwear.  The special composition of this sponge should sit in your most loved suede shoes it stops discolouration dead in its tracks.  If your shoes are protected with Woly protector 3x3 from new your shoes and this sponge can go everywhere in confidence.

The benefits of using Woly Suede Sponge

There are many benefits of using Woly Suede Sponge, some of which we have listed below:
- Removes dust particles with a simple wipe
- Extremely Versatile
- Small and easy to keep in handbag or car for on the go use!
- Easy to use and highly effective

How to use Woly Suede Sponge

- In small strokes, tease the dust off the surface, its a magnet for it.
- Use regularly
- Spray with protector 3x3.  If you do get a mark you will need the Woly Suede or gum block, suede brush or to replace colour loss liquid or spray.

Woly Universal Cleaner 75ml liquid (sponge top)

Special cleaning agent for all leather, synthetic and textile shoes in all colours.

The benefits of using Woly Universal Cleaner

- Smooth Application - no mess or fuss
- Can be used on any leather, suede or fabric - not just footwear! 
- Brilliant for boots, bags, seats and more
- Highly effective and long lasting

How to use Woly Universal Cleaner

- Use with a sponge or small cleaning brush for stubborn mark areas
- Rub around the dirt areas
- After cleaning polish or restore the vibrance of the original finish of the material with a suitable Woly product
- With a finishing brush or a soft polishing cloth, you can now buff to a stunning high shine!


Protector 3x3 liquid waterstop

Woly Protector Spray is a formidable protection against water, dirt, liquids and oils, gives an invisible barrier with guaranteed protection for a minimum of 15 days before you re-apply. The unique, highly effective formula repels snow, mud, moisture and rain. PFOA/PFOS Free, this top selling product is for everyone and anyone who owns a pair of shoes, thanks to its easy application and amazing results.

The benefits of using Woly Waterstop

- Suitable for all smooth, suede, nubuck leathers and textiles
- Repels snow, mud, dirt, rain
- Prolongs the life of your footwear
- Prevents moulding stitching in shoes
- Easy to use Spray
- Long Lasting and highly effective results from the first application

How to use Woly Waterstop

- For best results, apply to new shoes or clean your shoes prior to applying with a Woly Cleaning Product
- Gently shake Waterstop for a couple of seconds, you are ready to begin
- Dab over, completely cover the shoe - remember the sole!
- If this is your first time protecting your shoes, wait 5 minutes after first application and repeat process another 2 times so you have sprayed the shoe 3 times in total 
- Dependant on how often you wear the shoes, re-apply regularly for updated protection


Suede Velour 75ml liquid sponge top

Woly Suede Velour liquid is a pigmented colour restorer for all Suedes, cotton fabrics and Nubucks. Woly's unique formula allows for an incredibly smooth application, whilst making the leather soft, supple, and restoring the 'box fresh' feel.  

The benefits of using Woly Suede Velour 

Below we have listed some great benefits of using Woly Suede Velour:

- Incredibly effective
- Fantastic for worn suede, cotton fabrics or nubuck which need recolouring
- Has the ability to recolour a shoe 
- Quick and Easy
- Highly pigmented - available in a variety of colours
- Longlasting
- Suitable for Gortex + Sympatex.

How to use Woly Suede Velour 

- Choose your desired Suede or Nubuck footwear or other accessory, which is in need of recolouring or has faded
- Select your chosen colour of Woly Suede Velour test a small inconspicuous area to test the colour
- Once you have applied one layer, leave to dry
- Once dry, apply another light coat if necessary until you are happy with the coverage
- Finish with Woly 3x3 Protector Spray 

Woly Suede Brush - Multi purpose

Stylish and well presented, Woly Suede Brush is the ultimate Suede companion. Clean and renew worn looking suede with this universal brush, designed to fit into the smallest of grooves with the unique shaped brush. Revive the pile in your suede footwear and bring back to life the 'box fresh feel' to your favourite footwear.

The benefits of using Woly Suede Brush 

Woly Suede Brush has numerous benefits, some of which we have listed below:

- Unique shape to fit all grooves of a shoe - complete care
- Brass entwined with bristles for a more effective clean
- Rubber for a firm hold and grip
- Different textures for different parts of the shoe
- Lifts pile in suede for a 'new' finish
- Removes light mud and dust from suede

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