Woly Pure Fresh Insoles 6 Pairs
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Woly Pure Fresh Insoles 6 Pairs


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Barefoot Insoles by Woly (6 Pack)

Woly Pure Fresh Insoles are ultra-thin fresh scented Insoles for the ultimate in barefoot comfort in the summer. Made up of 4 layers, these insoles ensure a long lasting freshness and offer a firm footing in the shoe. 

Now let's look at the science behind Pure Fresh insoles!

The four ultra-thin layers combined in the insole consist of...
The Top Layer: Dermatologically Tested layer for comfort under foot 
Middle Layer 1: Fragrance capsules for long-lasting freshness and clean scent 
Middle Layer 2: Super Absorber Polymer to absorb bacteria and smelly odour 
Bottom Layer: Non-Slip material for a firm footing and comfortable fit

What Benefits Do Woly Pure Fresh Insoles Offer?

Woly Pure Fresh Insoles focus on the scent and odor control of your feet in sockless shoes. Foot perspiration and odour can be embarrassing, but with these insoles, you are sure to regain your confidence. The ultra-thin insoles are discreet and will leave a fresh, long-lasting scent in your favorite footwear. 
- Ultra-thin and therefore discreet and undetectable 
- Scented Fresh with a clean, long-lasting scent 
- Insoles come in a pack of 6 to be used in all your favorite footwear 
- 4 layers of innovative technology for optimum performance 
- Regain your confidence and conquer the 'smelly shoe' subject 

Who Should Wear Woly Pure Fresh Insoles?

Woly Pure Fresh Insoles are your 'go to' for going barefoot in your shoes or if you suffer from excessive foot perspiration or somebody who is cautious of foot odour. For maximum results, we recommended these insoles to be changed every seven days (if wearing constantly) for maximum results and to maintain freshness. Woly Pure Fresh Insoles are recommended for every day and require changing on a 7-day basis for optimum results

When wearing Woly Pure Fresh Insoles, make sure the white side is facing up and blue is facing down for best results.

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