Woly Odour Stop Insoles - Cut To Size

Woly Odour Stop Insoles - Cut To Size


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Woly Odour Stop Insoles

Woly Odour Stop Insoles are high quality insoles offering the benefit of supreme comfort along with excellent odour reduction.

These light, hard-wearing insoles are extremely durable and perfect for every day casual or work shoes. Woly Odour Stop Insoles can simply be trimmed to size and slipped inside your chosen footwear.

What Benefits Do Woly Odour Stop Insoles Offer?

These cost-effective insoles allow a comfortable fit and fresh smelling shoes and feet.

- Natural carbon absorbs bad smells to fight odours
- Perforated surface for a fresh/breathable feel
- Thin, soft and comfortable
- Prevents feet from sliding inside shoes
- Suitable for sizes 3-12
- Simply trim to size and slide inside your shoe
- Excellent value
- Highly durable

Who Should Wear Woly Odour Stop Insoles?

Woly Odour Insoles are extremely versatile and aren't designed for one specific type of user. They're a great every day insole thanks to their comfort, affordability and durability. Particularly, they're great for:

- Feet which experience perspiration and odour occassionally or regularly
- Sports shoes including tennis shoes, gym shoes, football boots or similar
- Work shoes and boots, both smart or heavy duty
- Heavily insulated or thick shoes which encourage foot perspiration
- Shoes which rub and cause friction and excess heat.

How To Trim Your Insoles

These cut to fit insoles can be trimmed perfectly to fit the shoes you intend to use them in. To get the perfect fit, follow our simply, step by step instructions.

- Remove your existing insole and place it on a sheet of plain paper
- Trace around the existing insole and cut it out to show the exact size
- Place the cut out on top of your new insoles and cut them to size accordingly
- Check the fit in your shoes and remove to trim further if necessary
- Your new insoles should fit snugly and not move around inside the shoes

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