Woly Microtemp Insoles

Woly Microtemp Insoles


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Woly MicroTemp Insoles

Woly Microtemp Insoles are an innovative micro-fibre fleece insole which gives warmth and reduces odour. These insoles can be used in any type of shoe to increase comfort whilst maintaining a warm, steady temperature at all times. These insoles are made up of four layers, which all work together to create the perfect, comfortable, insulating insole which we have described below:

Top Layer: A gorgeous, micro-fibre fleece top layer for comfort and warmth Intermediate
Layer 1: Special temperature-regulating layer to store excess heat which releases when cold Intermediate
Layer 2: Integrated charcoal layer to reduce odour
Bottom Layer: Aluminium bottom for effective protection against the cold

What Benefits Do Woly MicroTemp Insoles Offer?

Woly Microtemp insoles are highly effective and can be used in almost every pair of shoes. They are predominantly a temperature regulating insole, making these insoles perfect for everyday wear. Below we have listed some more great benefits to these insoles:

- 4 individual layers which all work together for maximum results
- Innovative micro-fleece insole for pleasant comfort and warmth
- Brilliant for all types of shoes which need a steady temperature
- Aluminium sole to detract the cold - Long lasting insoles

Who Should Wear Woly MicroTemp Insoles?

Woly MicroTemp insoles are a great insole to detract cold and keep a steady temperature throughout the shoe. They have been designed to be suitable for anybody who is in need of a thin insole, but requires warmth AND comfort. Particulary these insoles are great for:

- Typically 'cold' shoes which require warmth and insulation
- Outside and heavy duty boots which need comfort, as well as warmth
- Thinly insulated shoes
- Shoes which are in need of warmth and a heat regulator so feet are at a comfortable temperature throughout the day.

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