Woly Gel Ultraflat Insoles

Woly Gel Ultraflat Insoles


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Woly Gel Ultra Insoles

There are Woly Gel Ultra Insoles are a thin gel insole with air cushion technology, designed for improved comfort and cushioning. Gel Ultra insoles have a specially perforated sole to allow air circulation and a pleasant soft padding in the heel and metatarsal area of the feet for support and structure. Woly Gel Ultra Insoles are available in dual sized from a 3-4 up to a 12-13.

What Benefits Do Woly Gel Ultra Insoles Offer?

These quality insoles allow a comfortable fit and fresh smelling shoes and feet. They have many benefits of which some are listed below:
- Quality Gel Cushioning
- Optimum Comfort
- Extremely Durable
- Grooves and extra cushioning in areas needed
- Cradles the natural cuvature of the foot
- Perforated to allow air circulation and keep feet fresh

Who Should Wear Woly Gel Ultra Insoles?

Although Gel Ultra has not been specifically designed for a certain customer, they are diverse and therefore can be used for anyone who is looking for extra support in there shoes. The list of points below give many examples of what the gel ultra insole aims to do and targets:
- Someone who is in need of comfort whilst maintaining breathability
- A shoe which needs more cushioning and comfort for the wearer
- Sports shoe wearers such as tennis shoes, gym trainers etc
- Increases comfort and massages foot

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