Woly Exquisit Insoles

Woly Exquisit Insoles


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Woly Exquisit Insoles

Woly Exquisit Insoles are some of our favourite insoles here in the office. Made from high quality natural lambs wool for snug and warm feet, Woly Exquisit has amazing wearing comfort and an anti slip layer on the sole for support and stability in the shoes. These light, durable insoles mould to the natural curves of your feet, meaning extra support; as well as warmth and comfort from the gorgeous lambs wool. These insoles are perfect for every day wear due to the thickness and durability of the soles, but are also a great accessory for your wellington or walking boots. They are available sized for the perfect fit.

What Benefits Do Woly Exquisit Insoles Offer?

These insoles are incredibly comfortable and make your feet snuggly and warm in your favourite footwear. Aswell as being a great accessory for poorly fitted shoes, below you will see a list of other benefits:

- Natural Lambs Wool from a sustainable sourse
- Non Slip sole so your feet are secure and supported
- Thick, comfortable and warm
- Suitable for sizes 3 - 12
- Long lasting and extremely durable
- Excellent value

Who Should Wear Woly Exquisit Insoles?

Woly Exquisit Insoles are for anybody who wants a comfortable, cosy insole which are going to make you feet nice and warm. They are fantastic in Wellingtons and other outdoor boots which are that little bit too big and a bit too cold. They are not specifically tailored to a certain individual, but we have listed below why we think these are some of the best winter insoles on the market:

- Winter months and people who suffer with cold feet or poor blood circulation
- Walking boots and Wellingtons which are poorly fitted
- Thinly insulated shoes which are cold in winter
- Somebody who is looking for extra warm and extra comfortable insoles

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