Woly Collectors Horse Hair Dauber Brush Light

Light Woly Collectors Horse Hair Dauber Brush Light


Product Code: 3077


Woly logoWoly Collectors Horse Hair Dauber Brush

Apply your shoe cream with ease with Woly's convenient dauber brush. The perfectly sized applicator brush can easily be used directly into a shoe cream jar, to save time and keep things clean!

How to use a Woly Dauber Brush

Dauber Brushes are very simple and easy to use. They are the perfect applicator to be used with a shoe cream, due to the great sizing and bristle texture. 
- Simply dip the Dauber into a shoe cream (being mindful to not add too much product)
- In small, circular motions work the cream into the leather with the brush
- Add more cream to the brush as and when to ensure it is really being worked into the leather
- Leave to dry before adding another layer if necessary
- Buff for a long lasting shine and stunning finish

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