Woly Comfort Plus Insoles Ladies

Woly Comfort Plus Insoles Ladies


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Woly Comfort Plus Ladies Insoles


Regain comfort and foot arch support with Woly Comfort Plus insoles. A luxurious leather footbed with extra cushioning and breathability for most comfortable walking.   


Woly Comfort Plus insoles are a luxurious leather footbed with a unique anatomical shape and extra cushioning for optimum comfort and support. These insoles are made of a high-quality, vegetable tanned leather to absorb moisture from the feet meaning fresh feet all day! Comfort Plus Insoles are made up of four layers, which all work together to create an extremely comfortable and high-quality insole. These are perfect for people suffering from fallen arches as the build in support combats falt feet. 

Top Layer: Genuine leather for breathability and a quality finish
Intermediate Layer: Activated Carbon Layer to absorb odour and reduce moisture
Bottom Layer: There are three parts to the bottom layer of Comfort Plus 1) A deep heel cushion to absorb shock and add support 2) Soft padding on the metatarsal bone for structure, comfort, and a better fit in the shoe 3) Anatomically shaped footbed to support the foot where needed, whilst increasing comfort.
Sole: Cushioned foam with specially designed antislip dots to increase grip, therefore, making the insole sturdy and secure when in place.

What Benefits Do Woly Comfort Plus Ladies Insoles Offer?

Woly Comfort Plus insoles are specially designed to be a comfortable, breathable insole and can be used on a day to day basis. The anatomical shape increases wear of the shoe and increase comfort by the specially placed cushions. The four layers make up a highly effective insole which targets breathability, odour control, comfort and support.

- High-quality leather
- Carbon layer to absorb odour
- Deep heel cushions to absorb shock
- Soft cushion for metatarsal support
- Anatomically shaped 
- Highly durable

Who Should Wear Woly Comfort Plus Ladies Insoles?

Woly Comfort Plus Insoles are extremely versatile and aren't designed for one specific type of user. They're a great every day insole thanks to their comfort, support and structure making them brilliant for any type of shoe or boot. Particularly, they're great for:

- Feet which experience perspiration and odour occasionally or regularly
- Sports shoes including tennis shoes, gym shoes, football boots or similar
- Work shoes and boots, both smart or heavy duty
- Heavily insulated or thick shoes which encourage foot perspiration
- Shoes which rub and cause friction and excess heat.


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