Woly Comfort Insoles

Woly Comfort Insoles


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Woly Comfort Insoles

Woly Comfort insoles are a deluxe, naturally dyed leather insole made of the finest leather, designed to absorb moisture and provide comfort in your chosen footwear.

Woly Comfort insoles are finished to the highest standard and are supported by a latex foam bottom which increases comfort and increases durability of the shoe, with an intermediate layer of carbon which absorbs moisture and bacteria.

What Benefits Do Woly Comfort Insoles Offer?

Woly Comfort insoles do not only provide a comfortable tread, but they also eliminate odour. They are a discreet, thin insole which also prolongs the life of the shoes original insole and quality. Not only do they give the appearance of a higher quality shoe, but they also make for a more comfortable fit.

- High quality leather
- naturally tanned
- Quality leather to absorb moisture from feet
- Latex foam bottom for optimum comfort
- Carbon layer provides extra cushioning and odour absorption

Who Should Wear Woly Comfort Insoles?

Woly Comfort insoles are not specifically designed for a certain individual, but they're particularly great for:

- Shoes which need an extra layer of comfort
- Protects original sole in shoe
- Increases comfort and targets odour
- Comfortable unisex insole for all ages and shoes

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