Woly Comfort Black Insoles

Woly Comfort Black Insoles


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Woly Comfort Black Leather Insoles

SWoly Comfort Black Leather Insoles are a luxurious leather insole with cushioning and DryTec® foam. These genuine leather insoles are excellent for absorbing moisture from the feet and the antibacterial DryTec® foam provides optimum freshness and comfort for long periods of time.

What Benefits Do Woly Comfort Black Leather Insoles Offer?

These insoles have are made from a luxurious, high quality leather which allows for breathability and comfort. The leather in this insole has been naturally dyed, meaning for a very smart look once in position in the shoe. The innovative DryTec® foam technology allows for breathability and additional comfort, whilst preventing the development of unpleasant odour.

- Breathable leather and moisture absorption
- Very smart insoles
- Great for work shoes or to protect shoes original insole
- DryTec® foam for comfort and odour prevention
- Thin, soft and cushioned for ultimate comfort 
- Non Slip Sole for secure fit in shoe 
- Suitable for sizes 3 - 12

Who Should Wear Woly Comfort Black Leather Insoles?

Woly Comfort Black Leather Insoles are a luxurious kid leather insole, designed for not one type of customer. These insoles are brilliant for every day wear or to protect the shoes original insole, meaning they are versatile and suitable for everybody. They are particularly great for:

- Protection of shoes original insole
- A shoe which needs additional comfort
- Feet which perspire and need breathability
- Odour prevention

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