Woly Alu Fleece Insoles Kids - Select Size

Woly Alu Fleece Insoles Kids - Select Size


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Woly Alu Fleece Kids Insoles

Woly Alu Fleece Insoles are a high quality micro-fibre insole, designed for warmth and exellent wearing comfort. They are brilliant in your everyday footwear such as school shoes and boots; to maintain a constant warmth and comfortable temperature whilst in cold weather. Despite being lightweight, Woly Alu Fleece Insoles also have an aluminium layer for insulation - making sure your feet are kept warm and cosy all day long! Not only do these insoles maintain warmth, but they also have an odour control element, thanks to the innovative intermediate layer of charcoal and foam which not only increases comfort, but also helps to prevents unpleasant odours

What Benefits Do Woly Alu Fleece Kids Insoles Offer?

There are numerous benefits to these insoles, some of which we have listed below:

- High quality micro-fibre top layer for comfort
- Soft latex intermediate layer for not only cushioning, but integrated with charcoal to absorb odour
- Comfortable yet thin and highly flexible
- Suitable for childrens shoe sizes 6 - 2
- Excellent value
- Highly durable

Who Should Wear Woly Alu Fleece Kids Insoles?

Woly Alu Fleece Insoles are a great every day insole and are brilliant for childrens shoes and school shoes, especially in the colder months when feet can easily get cold! Thanks to their comfort, affordability and durability. They not only last a long time, but they are also the perfect insole for assisting with poorly fitting shoes and are particularly great for:

- Winter months and people who suffer with cold feet or poor blood circulation
- School shoes and boots
- Thinly insulated shoes 
- A shoe which is poorly fitted

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