Woly Summer Footbed Insole

Woly Summer Footbed Insole


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Woly Summer Footbed Insoles

Woly Summer Footbed insoles are a comfort insole with built in silver threads for freshness and odour control. In the warmer months and especially summer, there is more chance of excessive perspirating, thus creating an odour and an uncomfortable feel in your shoes. Summer Footbed are made up of four, specially formulated layers to target this problem and for ultimate comfort and hygienic freshness.

Top Layer: X-STATIC is a moisture-proof and heat-regulating top layer
Middle Layer 1: Memory latex with the ability to mould to the unique shape of your feet
Middle Layer 2: Specially placed cushions to support feet grooves for extra comfort
Bottom Layer: Perforated, non slip sole for breathability and security when in place.

All four layers work together to create a comfortable, fresh, breathable insole which contours the natural shape of your foot.

What Benefits Do Summer Footbed Insoles Offer?

Woly Summer Footbed Insoles are brilliant for the warmer, summer months due to the moisture proof and heat regulating properties. They allow feet to breathe, whilst adapting to the unique shape of your foot making your insoles unique to you for optimum comfort. The unique insole shape allows your foot to feel cradled and extremely comfortable, without the odour of perspiration due to the breathability of the footbed.
- Great for everyday use, especially in the summer
- Memory foam to mould to your individual foot shape
- 4 layers of innovative technology for optimum performance
- Silver thread technology to eradicate odour

Who Should Wear Summer Footbed Insoles?

Woly Summer Footbed Insoles are not specifically designed for a certain individual. However, if you are looking for comfort, breathability and hygienic freshness then these insoles tick every box. They have been designed to be naturally anti-bacterial for lasting results for odour control. These insoles are great for summer as they allow feet to breathe, without jeopardising comfort.

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