Sole Savers Half Insoles 1 Pair

Sole Savers Half Insoles 1 Pair



ShoeReDo Half Insoles; Sole Savers

Don't let sore feet cut your shopping day short!! Shop til you drop and eliminate the need for coffee breaks with these Dream Soles. These gel soles give instant relief to sore and pounding feet. They massage the balls of the feet and toes giving relief all day. 

Who should wear ShoeRedo Sole Savers 

ShoeReDo sole savers can be used for the following;

- Put in the front of your shoes (these insoles are suitable for flat shoes)
- Can be trimmed to fit the shoe if needed
- Absorb shock from walking a lot or being on your feet all day
- Soothe the balls of the feet to stop the horrible burning sensation  
- The grooves in the soles will massage the feet to increase the relief 

Further Information 


- Made of soft gel to absorb shock 
- Suitable for flat shoes. For heeled shoe relief look for ShoeReDo Party Shoes
- Washable, simply run under warm water with soap to clean  

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