Shoestring Delux Coloured Beechwood Large Shoe Trees (uk size 10-13)

Shoestring Delux Coloured Beechwood Large Shoe Trees (uk size 10-13)


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Pair of ShoeString luxury coloured Beech-wood Shoe-trees in large (UK size 10-13) available in green, blue or red finish with stainless steel detail and spring fitting system. 

Varnished Shoe Tree is perfect for smooth and easy application into the shoe and comes with metal spring system that creates pressure perfect for filling the shoe to prevent your shoes from creasing or drooping during storage and keep their new shape and strength for their lifespan. 
The Beech-wood surface is perforated to allow quick absorption of moisture and perspiration to naturally deodorise your footwear 
Use of Shoe Trees preserves the quality of leather and Suede - prolonging the life of the shoes. 
Each pair is individually inspected and checked for size and defects prior to dispatch

Who can use ShoeString Shoe Tree?

- Shoe trees are great for storing shoes (The spring means they can cover various sizes with one shoe tree)
- Helps to prevent creasing in shoes associated with poor storage techniques 
- Creasing in shoes can cause the leather to crack, or leave permanent crease marks 
- Spring gives the shoes the right amount of tension  
- Shoe trees are great for holding leather taught while cleaning or applying protector to the shoes

Further Information   

- Use the spring to fold the shoe tree slightly to get it into the shoe 
- Ensure shoe trees are comfortably placed in the shoe and the front mould takes up the front of the shoe as fully as possible  
- Store shoes in their usual way and keep shoe trees inserted whenever they are not being worn 
- Made of plastic for lightweight storage 

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