Woly Solette Insoles Ladies

Woly Solette Insoles Ladies


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Woly Solette Insoles Ladies

Woly Solette Insoles are a 3/4 leather moulded footbed for complete and ultimate foot support. The insole is anatomically shaped to contour and support the natural curvature of the foot to give extra comfort and make for a more pleasant walking experience. 

What Benefits Do Woly Solette Offer?

Woly Solette support and comfort your foot to make for a more pleasant walking experience and healthy foot support. The anatomical shape compliments the way your foot natually moves, meaning healthier feet and a better posture, whilst letting feet breathe and therefore reducing perspiration and odour.

- High quality naturally tanned breathable leather 
- Cushioned to absorb impact and shock
- Prevention of complaints related to sunken arches
- Anatomically shaped to compliment foot shape
- Joint and ligament relief in knees and feet
- Secure once in place

Who Should Wear Woly Solette Insoles?

Woly Solette insoles are extremely versatile due to their comfort, durability and breathability. 


- Shoes which are poorly fitted
- Everyday shoes which are lacking comfort 
- An individual which requires more support within a shoe
- Comfort seeker 
- Shock absorber



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