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Shoe insoles offer the perfect way to keep your feet feeling their best. Whilst many shoe insoles are added purely to increase comfort, you may also be considering insoles for a slightly more serious reason. Our copper heel insoles are particularly popular with sufferers of rheumatic aches and pains and have been used by many to alleviate such issues. Then there are sport insoles which are an effective way to reduce the shock experienced by your feet. Broken and fractured heels are common in a lot of sports and as such, a padded insoles a great way to prevent injuries occurring in the first place, but also to aid with the rehabilitation process when starting to compete once again.

Shoe insoles for shoes can also reduce and prevent odours as well as keep your feet fresh. Particularly useful for shoes worn without socks, for in the summer and on holiday when sweaty feet are more of an issue, our odour insoles can keep your feet smelling great and give you complete peace of mind.