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A shoe horn can make putting on and removing your shoes far easier. When footwear is new or tight, it can often take time to mould them to the shape of your feet so that you can slip and and out of them effortlessly. The use of a shoe horn can make the transitional period far easier and ensure you avoid any sore fingers from trying to prize your shoes on and off. Depending on the tightness of your footwear, you might need a metal shoe horn which will provide more strength than a plastic item.

A long shoe horn can be particularly useful for anyone who struggles with flexibility and bending down to fit their shoes. Alternatively they can use a long handled shoe horn to remain in a near upright position and slide into their footwear easily. If you're the traditional sort, our tortoise shell shoehorn may well stand out as the perfect option for you. Being both functional and fashionable, it's extremely popular with our customers.