Oval Sports Stitched Sides Select Colour & Length

Oval Sports Stitched Sides Select Colour & Length

From £3.15

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1214012 BLACK 114cm OVAL SPORTS £3.15
1214212 LIGHT BLUE 114cm OVAL SPORTS £3.15
1214142 ROYAL BLUE 114cm OVAL SPORTS £3.15
1214902 WHITE/BLACK 114cm EDGE OVAL SPORTS £3.15
1214062 RED/BLACK EDGE 114cm OVAL SPORTS £3.15
1214032 WHITE 114cm OVAL SPORTS £3.15
1252012 BLACK 152cm OVAL SPORTS £3.80
1252032 WHITE 152cm OVAL SPORTS £3.80
1222272 FLO GREEN 220cm OVAL SPORTS £4.10
1222012 BLACK 220cm OVAL SPORTS £4.10
1222032 WHITE 220cm OVAL SPORTS £4.10
1222152 PURPLE 220cm OVAL SPORTS £4.10
1222262 FLO PINK 220cm OVAL SPORTS £4.10


Black oval laces are the revolutionary new lace for Sport / Boots and sports shoes. These laces are oval with a strengthend gut and stitched sides, making them stronger and more durable than other types of laces. Made from high quality polyester and mixed fibre providing non-slip technology. These black oval laces are 6mm wide and available in three lengths - 114cm (to fit Sport / Boots with 7-8 pairs of eyelets); 152 cm (to fit Sport / Boots with 8-10 pairs of eyelets); and 220cm (to fit Sport / Boots with 10-12 pairs of eyelets).

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