Shoestring Lambs Wool Cut To Size

Shoestring Lambs Wool Cut To Size


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Shoe-String Insoles; Shoe String Lambs Wool Cut To Size

The Shoe String Insoles Cool Fresh Cts are comfortable, odour absorbant insoles that can be CTS (cut to size). This means that the insole can be cut to the perfect width and length, whatever the shoe. Due to the Lambs Wool this enables poorly fitting shoes to fit with more success as the insole is very capable of altering to the shape of the cusomers foot/feet.

Who should wear Shoe String Lambs Wool Cut To Size

-The material is also a great insulator on colder days, keeping your feet warm.

-The material used is a soft lambs wool like material that will give the user maximum comfort

-These insoles can also be used in the working environment due to thier high durability

-They can also aid those who have poorly fitting feet

 Further Information 

The insoles are made in house at Victor De Banke ensuring high quality without an overly priced tag. These insoles can be CTS (cut to size) guaranteeing a perfect fit, whatever the shoe.


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