Shoe String Insoles Childs Cork Cts

Shoe String Insoles Childs Cork Cts



Shoe-String Insoles; Childs Cork CTS 

The Childs Cork insole (CTS) is a highly durable insole that not only is absorbant to foot odores but also very comfortable. It is made from all natural materials making the product overall very ethical to the environment. Also, thanks to the CTS feature, this enables the insole to be cut down to your prefered size to ensure maxinum comfort. 

Who should wear Shoe-String Childs Cork Insoles

-The Child Cork insoles are designed to ensure maxinum comfort for all occasions.

-These insoles can also help children with poorly fitting shoes to ensure greater comfort and may also help with conditions such as flat foot etc.

-This insole is also a great addition to school shoes as it also livens up the inside of them transforming them from boring to brilliant!


Further Information 

The insoles are manufactured in house at Victor De Banke to ensure no value is lost and maximum quality is maintained. This means we take pride in delivering a high class product without the negatives of an overly priced product. This product consists of cork and soft, absorbant latex foam to ensure durablity and maxinum comfort is achieved.

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