Shoe String Insoles Gel Ultra Full Sole Select Size

Shoe String Insoles Gel Ultra Full Sole Select Size


6182 Shoe String INSOLES GEL ULTRA FULL SOLE SML 3-7 £10.20
6181 Shoe String INSOLES GEL ULTRA FULL SOLE LRG 8-12 £10.20


Shoe-String Insoles; Gel Ultra  

Shoe-String Gel Ultra insoles are a high quality gel insole for your shoes. Anatomically designed to distribute pressure and absorb schock, they offer the ultimate releif to ligaments and joints. 
The insoles can be trimmed for the perfect fit. These insoles have a thick heel and arch support and should be worn in shoes with removable insoles.

Who should wear Shoe-String Gel Ultra insoles? 

Shoe-String Gel Ultra insoles can be used for the following;

- Provide support and comfort for feet even when standing or walking for extended periods of time 
- Anatomically designed to support your foot in the right places, great for walking 
- Gel base with a soft velour upper to provide ultimate shock absorption and comfort
- Great for sports shoes or work boots, support in the heel and arch
- Durable insoles, perfect for use even in the most highly used shoes!

Further Information 

- Made of soft latex material for comfort
- These cut to fit insoles can be trimmed perfectly to fit the shoesw you intend to use them in. Available in gents or ladies sized. To get the perfect fit, follow our simple step by step instructions.
- Remove your existing insoles and place it on a sheet of plain paper 
- Trace around the insoles and cut it out to show the exact size
- Place the cut out on top of your new insoles and cut them to size accordingly
- Check the fit in your shoes and remove to trim further if necessary
- Your new insoles should fit snugly and not move around inside the shoes

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