Heavy Cord  Round Laces Select Colour & Length

Heavy Cord Round Laces Select Colour & Length

From £2.90

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175032 WHITE 75cm HEAVY CORD £2.90
175012 BLACK 75cm HEAVY CORD £2.90
175022 BROWN 75cm HEAVY CORD £2.90
100022 BROWN 100cm HEAVY CORD £3.20
100032 WHITE 100cm HEAVY CORD £3.20
100012 BLACK 100cm HEAVY CORD £3.20
140012 BLACK 140cm HEAVY CORD £3.40
140032 WHITE 140cm HEAVY CORD £3.40
140022 BROWN 140cm HEAVY CORD £3.40
150012 BLACK 150cm HEAVY CORD BANDED £3.50
122022 BROWN 220cm HEAVY CORD BANDED £3.90
122012 BLACK 220cm HEAVY CORD BANDED £3.90


Heavy Chunky Cord Laces

Developed for use in heavy look footwear often thicker leather, walking and hiking boots.

Braided 7mm diameter round chunky look for distictive character.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Extra strong non slip braid, matt look finish.

The benefits 

High quality Shoe String Laces made in the UK Market Harborough
- Non Slip

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