Shoestring Gel Ultra Insoles

Shoestring Gel Ultra Insoles


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Shoe String Gel Ultra Insoles

Gel Ultra are silicone insoles which evenly distributes the pressure, absorbs shock, and provides pleasant relief for ligaments and joints when walking. We all know too well the awful, numbing ache when you have been on your feet for long periods of time, and we also know the pleasant relief you feel when you take your shoes off after a long day. With Shoe String Gel Ultra, you can forget the numb, aching pain of poorly fitting shoes and strenuous hours of walking, as Gel Ultra cushions and comforts your feet all day long.

What Benefits Do Shoe String Gel Ultra Insoles Offer?

There are many benefits to Shoe String Gel Ultra Insoles. A huge benefit which makes Gel Ultra so special, is the anatomical shape. These insoles have been carefully designed to comfort and compliment the unique shape of the foot, meaning extreme comfort and relief all day long. As well as being cushioned in all the right places, these insoles support and provide relief to ligaments and joints which are often put under pressure when under the constant strain of being on your feet all day.

- Highly Durable Insoles
- Long Lasting
- Great for everyday wear
- Provides relief on joints and ligaments
- Evenly distributes pressure on foot for comfort
- Silicone feel for comfort and 'air like walking experience'

Who Should Wear Shoe String Insoles?

Shoe String Gel Ultra Insoles are extremely versatile and are not designed for one specific type of user. They are brilliant in all types of shoes, which are used to being worn for long periods of time. They're perfect for work shoes of any profession, including heavy duty boots due to the insoles durability.

- Feet which need support and relief
- All types of shoes, including casual shoes and heavy duty
- Feet which are standing for long periods of time or walking long distance
- Trainers which need relief in certain areas and to evenly distribute pressure over the whole foot
- Shoe Fitting aid

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