Dr Marten Fun Polyester Cord Select Colour & Length

Dr Marten Fun Polyester Cord Select Colour & Length

From £2.80

Select a colour

D75012 BLACK 75cm DM CORD £2.80
D75302 DARK BROWN 75cm DM CORD £2.80
D90032 WHITE 90cm DM CORD £2.90
D90012 BLACK 90cm DM CORD £2.90
D90022 BROWN 90cm DM CORD £2.90
D14062 RED 114cm DM CORD £3.10
D14182 EMERALD 114cm DM CORD £3.10
D14152 PURPLE 114cm DM CORD £3.10
D12012 BLACK 120cm DM CORD £3.15
D40152 PURPLE 140cm DM CORD £3.30
D40032 WHITE 140cm DM CORD ~ £3.30
D40062 RED 140cm DM CORD £3.30
D40022 BROWN 140cm DM CORD £3.30
D40012 BLACK 140cm DM CORD £3.30
D40222 YELLOW 140cm DM CORD £3.30
D80022 BROWN 180cm DM CORD £3.65


DM round cord laces are sure to jazz up any footwear and are perfect for Dr. Marten footwear. Made of a mixed polyester weave, DM cord laces come in a variety of vibrant colours. Yellow DM Cord is available in lengths 114cm and 140cm so can be worn in both boots and shoes with a number of eyelets ranging from 8-9 (114cm) to 8-10 (140cm).

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