Purchasing a shoe polish machine is a great investment for any business or private customer. As an individual, a shoe buffer is an effective method of keeping your shoes looking their very best at all times whilst also saving on time spent cleaning shoes using brushes and cloths. With a wide range of shoe polish machines available at various different prices, there is a product suitable for every requirement and budget. You can also purchase a shoe polishing machine to fit the specific space you have available. From a smaller, more affordable shoe buffer such as the Heute Easy Comfort Shoe Shine Machine with free shoe cream to the larger, and more expensive Ellipse Plus Shoe Shine Machine Metallic, also with Free Shoe Cream, a perfect option for hotels, restaurants or any other shoe shining in other establishments. An electric shoe buffer or shoe shining machine is a fantastic service to be able to offer hotel guests. They're perfect to place in your hotel lobby for guests to use before heading out for the evening or returning after a night on the town. Please note: all our machines are specifically made to order ( we therefore cannnot exchange/refund) to the highest standards of German engineering. Why not browse our shoe polishing machine range above to find the perfect item for your home or business?