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Walking boot laces need to be strong and durable to cope with the harsh weather conditions and environment they are likely to be subjected to. Having your walking or hiking boot laces snap before a trip can be extremely frustrating and that's why all of our laces for walking boots have been tried and tested over many years. They're also available in various different conditions.

With such a range of walking and hiking boots now available, it can be difficult to find a pair of walking boots laces to match. Our extensive range makes it possible to find a like for like replacement, or alternatively to give your boots a fresh new look with a pair that are a bit brighter than the standard ones.

Like all of our laces, these hiking boot laces are supplied as a matching pair and are manufactured using high quality materials. If you still aren't sure you've found the right product, why not get in touch using our live chat feature or alternatively by dropping us an email? With red hiking boot laces, brown, purple and various other colours, you'll have no issue finding a suitable pair to match your current boots or to make them look a little bit different! Why not pick out your laces for walking boots now?