Elastic Laces, Sport & Shoe 2.5mm

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Elastic Laces are the perfect product to make putting on and removing your shoes that much easier. What's more, elasticated laces are a great way to ensure your shoes or trainers fit comfortably and securely but aren't too tight. This is particularly useful for runners who require a tight yet comfortable fit where laces won't start to cause pain over time.

As well as elastic laces for trainers, we also supply elastic laces for shoes. Many shoes offer a very tight fit which can mean loosening and re-tightening laces every time they are worn. Using an elastic lace allows that little bit more movement which will make putting on your shoes far easier.

Elastic laces are also very durable and forgiving. The extra movement ensures that they will last, a particularly desirable quality for sports footwear which endures the harshest and most varied of conditions.