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Easy laces offer the perfect way to simplify the process of putting on your shoes or trainers. These rubber laces are made from 100% silicone and as a result are stretchy, strong and durable. Whatever your reason for using easy laces, you're sure to love them. They're affordable, easy to fit and available in a wide range of different colours. If you struggle to bend down to tie regular laces, these rubber shoe laces are the perfect solution. They'll allow you to comfortably slip your feet into your shoes before enjoying a comfortable, secure fit once they're on. If your child hasn't quite yet mastered tying their laces, easy shoe laces are a great alternative, they can slip them on and off quickly rather than you having to tie them every time! Or perhaps your shoes or trainers are on and off so much you're just plain fed up of having to tie and untie them so often? If so, easy laces are exactly what you're looking for. These rubber laces are available in various colours to suit all styles of shoe. They're numbered in order of size to make fitting them extremely simple with wider ones at the top and narrower at the bottom. As well as flat versions, we also have a round variant of the easy lace which is perfect for smart shoes. Each pack has 20 pieces and is enough to complete a pair of shoes or trainers.