Round Cord Shoe and Boot Laces Round 60cm - 220cm

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Our cord laces are the perfect replacement lace for both shoes and boots. Available in various colours, they have a 5mm diameter and offer an understated look which is ideal for a wide variety of footwear. Whether you want to change the look of your shoes by adding a new colour of lace or you simply want to replace your tired old ones with a fresh pair, these cord laces are the ideal, affordable solution. Adding new cord laces is an affordable and simple way to tidy up an old pair of shoes and give them a new lease of life. Whilst most of a shoe or boot can be cleaned up with a quality cleaner, laces can be slightly more difficult. Fitting a brand new pair will provide the finishing touch and have your shoes or boots looking like new once again.

Cord shoelaces are perfect for walking and hiking boots thanks to their chunkier fitness. Prone to getting muddy, why not keep your boots looking their best with an affordable new pair of cord laces available in various colours and lengths?