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With years of industry experience, Shoe-String laces are fashionable, diverse, varied, and of high quality. Shoe-String’s extensive collection of laces covers all lengths, widths, styles and colours. From black 75cm laces, to 220cm crazy pink/purple laces, Shoe String has you covered. Available in Blister packs - a simple ‘bubble like’ packaging which protects the lace and enables you to hang the laces, or an EECO box - customers simply dispense their own laces, and of course banded laces – a simple wrap to secure the pair. In 2017 Shoe-String also introduced an innovative ‘Bandi Pack’ which is a modern day blister pack without the bubble. Shoe-String not only provides you with the popular black laces, brown laces, and leather laces, but the collection goes above and beyond meaning you can accessorise your footwear with smiley faces, your favourite football teams colours or even father Christmas! There is something for everyone and every shoe.