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ShoesHit Dye / Renovation Leather Paint 30ml ShoesHit have mastered the art of painting and re-colouring leather materials and footwear which will literally change the colour of the shoe. The innovative Dye Paint is a unique formula and consistency which has been conquered to make renovating and covering scuffs easier than ever. Perfect for upcycling leather sneakers and shoes, or tired-looking boots - is your go-to product. The benefits of using ShoesHit Leather Dye There are many benefits of using. ShoesHit boasts an extensive colour collection, meaning there is a colour for almost everyone. - has a huge range of colours and tones - Easy to apply formula, can be mixed to get exact colour match - Small pot goes a long way so to stop drying out it is better to keep it small. - Small amount of product goes a LONG way, one pot on average will dye 2 pairs of shoes. - Cream consistency, meaning depending on your final look it can be applied with a cloth or brush How to apply ShoesHit Dye Paint - Choose your leather footwear which you wish to renovate, and pick colour from - Clean the shoe using a Famaco Cleaner, making sure all dirt, dust and mud has been removed Apply the paint and create your design and Leave to dry before applying another coat - If needed, reapply another layer of the paint until you are satisfied with the coverage 

  • VERSATILE DYE: Quality dye paint for natural and synthetic leather and textiles. Suitable for, sneakers, bags, other leather accessories
  • RECOLOUR & SCRACTH COVER: Excellent for covering leather defects (abrasions and scratches on footwear and leather accessories) or for changing shoe colour to a different one
  • COMPLETE KIT: Comes with a handy brush
  • UPCYCLE Premium Leather paint perfect for design and up-cycling sneaker design


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