Kiwi Silky Spray - Stop Sore Feet

Kiwi Silky Spray - Stop Sore Feet


Product Code: K74103L


Beautiful shoes need care - and so do beautiful feet!

Kiwi Beauty Silky Spray gives even the most demanding feet the protection they need combining highly effective care with maximum protection for the barefoot season.

Natural active ingredients and a fresh scent complete the wellness experience.

Silky Spray - High quality barefoot softening spray made with real silk protein. The combination of active ingredients with precious silk protein gives your feet the silkiest, softest finish. Protection from rubbing in the shoe, as well as a secure and comfortable feeling of dry skin - for up to 24 hours. "I bought some recently of ebay and took it abroad with me in my suitcase and for the first time i could walk without getting sore feet." - Lilian on eBay ** We are unable to ship these products overseas **

Clothe your feet in invisible stockings with Kiwi Foot Silk. Designed to offer the unique experience of an invisible foot wrap made with pure silk, this innovative product helps to protect your bare feet from rubbing and friction created by shoes whilst leaving your feet feeling and looking natural

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