Sneakers Super White Colour Restore

White Sneakers Super White Colour Restore


Product Code: K9005


Kaps Super White Colour Restore 75ml is your go to product if you have white trainers, shoes or boots. White is a difficult colour to keep clean, especially when it is on your shoes! Well now you can easily restore that box fresh feel to your beloved white sneaks and shoes. Kaps Super White is used to restore the colour to your faded, stained, white trainers and other synthetic leather, textiles or plastic. Super white renews white colour with an extremely intense white pigment liquid. The original colour of your white footwear will be restored, leaving your shoes like new. With an easy to use sponge applicator head, Kaps White Liquid is easy, quick, and great for on the go. 

Instructions: After cleaning your white footwear, simply apply Kaps Super White to your chosen pair. This product is versatile, and can be used on leather, textiles and plastic. Once you have applied the product and are satisfied with the coverage, leave to dry. You will see results immediately! Be sure to clean the sponge applicator after use. 


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