Kaps Nano Protector Impregnator

Kaps Nano Protector Impregnator


Product Code: K5031


Kaps Nano Protector Impregnator 400ml is an innovative protective spray for all leathers and textiles, for long lasting and highly effective protection against rain, snow and dirt. Unlike other Protector sprays , Kaps Nano Protector uses innovative technology to impregnate the material. During application, the spray splits into microscopic balls and sticks firmly to the fibers and threads of the leather or textile, shielding the surface and material from dirt and water. With Kaps Nano Protector, you will have confidence in your footwear and feel dry and protected. 

Instructions: After cleaning your footwear, shake Kaps Nano Protector thoroughly. In a well ventilated room or outside, spray your footwear at roughly 20cm. Leave for 5-10 minutes to dry.


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