Kaps De Salter (snow and salt remover) 75ml

Kaps De Salter (snow and salt remover) 75ml


Product Code: K5040


Kaps De Salter is a cleaner for snow and salt marks on your footwear. Kaps De Salter effectively eliminates the white marks which rain and snow can make on your shoes, without disturbing the colour of the original shoe. Perfect for the outdoor lover who spends a lot of their time in harsh weather conditions or in the garden, this product is perfect for those tough stains which are caused by the climate. Kaps De Salter comes in a bottle with a sponge top which means it is easy to apply and no need for a cloth or sponge, and no mess or fuss.

Instructions: Shake, and by pressing on the shoe - saturate the sponge attached in the product. Glide gently over the stained areas and wait a couple of seconds. Finally wipe with a damp cloth to get red it of excess residue and you should immediately see the results.


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