Kaps Csc Rubber Liquid

Kaps Csc Rubber Liquid


Product Code: K1494


Kaps CSC Rubber Liquid 200ml cleans and cares for your shoes, boots and wellingtons which are made from rubber. Kaps CSC Rubber Cleaner does not just remove dirt, mud, stains and water marks, but it also cares for the rubber too. It has an inbuilt conditioner which looks after the rubber, ensuring an attractive shine and UV filter so you can be confident in no sun damage or fading will come to your rubber shoes. This is the perfect product for your garden or outside enthusiast, as every wellington boot lover needs this product.

Instructions: Spray CSC Rubber over the targeted area. Leave for 5 minutes and wipe with a clean cloth. You will immediately see the results! 

(CSC stands for Clean, Shine, Care. You will have every confidence in this 3 in 1 product!)

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