Protect & Waterproof Shoes

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A suede protector spray will stop delicate shoes and boots from absorbing liquids from spillages, splashes & rain. Similarly, leather protector will prevent your shoes, boots, bags & more from unsightly water marks which will permanently stain. Shoe protector spray is a fast and affordable way of giving your footwear an added layer of protection and helping them to last far longer than they would otherwise be able to.

Suede protector and leather protector sprays are fast and effective to use. What's more, we have a wide range of tried and tested products for you to choose from. When leathers and suedes absorb moisture, they can lose their colour, shape and like new appearance. A shoe protector spray will add a layer over the top of the soft surface so that liquids simply bead off rather than being absorbed.

The same applied with using a leather protector. Whether as a result of rain or a spilt drink on a night out, shoe protector products will keep your footwear looking great at all times. Why not browse our range above or get in touch for more information?