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Suede dyes are a brilliant way to re-colour your suede shoes and boots when they have faded as a result of exposure to the rain or sun. When suede loses its colour your footwear looks tired and old, attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. Rather than throwing away your favourite suede shoes or boots, a suede dye is a far better option. Available in various different colours, shades and as a spray or with a sponge applicator, our suede dyes are extremely easy to use and very effective.

After cleaning your suede footwear with a suitable suede brush and a product such as our Famaco Fa Det Dry Cleaner, a suede dye will recolour the material removing the faded appearance and making them look like new once again. Depending on the colour and level of fade, you may want to apply multiple layers until you achieve your desired finish. Once the dye has dried and you are happy with the finish, we highly recommend using a protector to keep the material dry and ensure that liquids bead off rather than being absorbed.