Deodorise Shoes

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Shoe deodorizer or foot spray is the best way to keep both your feet and footwear feeling and smelling fresh all year round. With summer just around the corner, our foot deodorant sprays are already in high demand and will help you feel confident when out and about in the summer sun. A simple, small foot spray will fit neatly into a handbag or backpack and is ideal for taking on holiday.

All of our shoe deodorizer sprays are affordable, effective and easy to use. Simply hold your shoe deodorant around 20cm away from your shoes or boots and spray generously to ensure a good covering across all areas which might get a little smelly. A shoe deodorizer spray is suitable for all footwear from your gym trainers to your work shoes, as such it's useful all year round.

Don't worry about smelly feet any longer, a few simple sprays and both you and your feet will feel and smell fantastic!