Shoe Stain Remover

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Getting a stain on your shoes, clothes, furniture, whatever it might be is extremely annoying. The smallest of blemishes can make your favourite footwear look tired and old. Fortunately we are able to offer a range of products which include both a leather stain remover and sudede stain remover which can effectively remove unsightly marks both quickly and easily. Our Famaco Vel Vel Suede shampoo and brush is great for removing grease stains, water marks and giving your suede shoes and clothing a smooth and spotless look once again. With only a little of this suede stain remover required, it will also last and can be used on an extensive range of products from shoes, jackets, car seats and more.

A leather stain remover is effective at removing any marks and also old polishes and creams to give you a clean base to recolour and polish your leather shoes or leather boots up to a high shine. Leather stain removers are the perfect way to restore old footwear and give them a completely fresh new appearance rather than having to purchase new ones. Why not browse our shoe stain remover range above and contact us if you require any additional assistance or have any further questions.