Repair Scuffs & Scratches

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If you're looking to put together a leather restoration or leather repair kit, Famaco Dye Creams should be top of the list. This unique 15ml product can bring even the most damaged and discoloured leathers back to their former best by filling in scuffs and scratches.

Shoes and boots can easily be scratched or scuffed when worn. With common areas including the toe and outer edges, it isn't uncommon for a pair of expensive shoes or boots to become damaged the first time of them being worn. Famaco dye cream is a high pigment build up product which covers areas where the surface of the leather has been removed. As a leather restoration product, this is completely unique and with 45 leather repair colours available, you're highly likely to find the perfect match for your shoes.

Simply take a small amount of the cream and cover the scratched area where the underneath of the leather has been revealed. Ensure the cream is flat with the shoe and allow to dry. Once dry the cream can be buffed and protected just like the rest of the shoe. Due to the strong pigment of these leather repair creams it is important to choose a colour which is almost an exact match.