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Original Copper Heelers could be the cure you've been searching for for years. These easy to use pain relief insoles attach to your existing insoles and have proven to be an excellent remedy for pain caused by arthritis. A Worldwide sensation, copper heelers have given many arthritis sufferers complete pain relief. With many copies available on the internet which carry potential risks due to cheaper manufacturing processes, Fresh Step only offer "The Original Copper Heeler"®™ and at the very best price.

With 14 times more copper than found in copper bracelets, these special insoles have been shaped to fit the foot perfectly and provide maximum contact in order to significantly reduce or completely remove the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis.

With an extensive number of health professionals commenting on how many of their patients have praised copper heeler insoles, why not try them yourself and take advantage of our risk free trial which allows you to return the copper heelers within 90 days of purchase if you have not found them to be effective?