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The Famaco shoe cream range is the most extensive available with over 110 different colours and shades. Using a shoe cream will add colour back into your footwear whilst also conditioning the leather and providing an added layer of protection. As shoes and boots are worn they are exposed to changeable weather conditions, scuffed against things and generally experience wear and tear. This gradually removes the protective top layer, the colour and leaves them exposed.

Using a shoe cream can both prevent and undo the effects of these risks to ensure your shoes and boots retain their appearance and as a result last for far longer than an untreated pair would. Famaco shoe creams are also extremely easy to use. A small amount is applied evenly across the leather and allowed to dry. Once dry it can then be buffed to a shine. For additional colour the process can be repeated if required.

Why not use our shoe cream colour filter to find the perfect shade for your footwear?